​​One of Montevideo, Uruguay's, most renowned doctors is hanging up his stethescope and is announcing the newest member to the medical community: his daughter! 

Dr. Antonio Farrall has recently retired from his place of work at the Asociacion Espanola in Montevideo but remains active as a private doctor in

the Historical Club of Rugby

Champagnat del Uruguay along with

his private consultation in San Luis de

Canelones Uruguay. He specializes in

internal medicine, sports medicine, 

obesity, addictions and maintains a laser clinic. 

His daughter specializes in  Ophthalmology at Associacion Espanola and will be a welcome addition to the medical community of Uruguay. ​Antonio can be reached in Montevideo at (598) 94 203 745.

Let's hope it never happens, but chances are pretty darn good that you may need some some sort of medical assistance while you're traveling throughout these 50 United States. We've gone through the ratings and credentials of many a good doctor, and present to you our picks. We base our selections on quality of service, wait time and professionalism, just to name a few. We also toss in a few international doctor picks in some of the more popular tourist destinations, just in the event that their services are required.

One of the best cosmetologists in South Florida...

Digna Morell

Hair removal, wax, laser, facials, acne, flaccid skin, skin spots, wrinkles, rosacea, face lifts, rejuvenation of the skin, microdermabrasion, warts, DermaPen and Collagen.


Your skin will never look the same!

For an appointment, please call 305-261-4677​​

Re-visiting one of South Florida's premiere doctors

Dr. Ramon M. Garcia-Septien continues his work in family & sports medicine

South Florida is a very transitory community on a variety of different levels, 

be it restaurants, businesses, nightclubs, doctors, you name it. Many are

here today and gone tomorrow; it's tough to make it down here unless you

establish a name for yourself by consistently providing top-drawer service,

professionalism and customer service. Even those that do sometimes don't

manage to make it, for whatever reason.

     But that certainly isn't the case when it comes to Dr. Ramon Garcia-Septien.

He is a board-certified family medicine doctor in Hialeah, Florida and is affiliated

with multiple hospitals in the area, including Hialeah Hospital and Palm Springs

General Hospital. He received his medical degree from Universidad Superior de

Ciencias Medicas and has been in practice for more than 30 years. Dr. Garcia-Septien is one of 66 doctors at Hialeah Hospital and one of 49 at Palm Springs General Hospital who specialize in Family Medicine. He also specializes in the care and treatment of overweight and obese patients.

​     And then there's his passion for sports medicine. Garcia-Septien is a ringside physician in professional boxing as well as a member of the Florida State Athletic Commission, a General Coordinator of the Medical Advisory Board of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and vice-president of FECARBOX. He also is a member of the American Association of Sports Medicine and is certified to treat athletes in the gaining or losing of weight. He also is a member of the United States Olympic Team as a physician for Amateur Boxing.

     Dr. Garcia-Septien... here today... here tomorrow... and hopefully here for a long, long time.*

Meet South Florida's premiere family and sports medicine doctor...

Dr. Ramon Garcia-Septien

Why not visit the doctor who your friends are

probably already seeing!

More than 20 years experience and 3 convenient South Florida locations to serve you... CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE

*1435 W. 49th Place, Ste. 504, Hialeah, Florida: 305-556-9200

*912 S.W. 62nd Avenue, Miami, Florida: 305-556-9200

*12600 Pembroke Road, Ste. 300, Miramar, Florida: 943-430-2240